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 The new boat
Uncle Buck is so good to Julie, he has bought her a new boat. He's come a long way since his first gift he gave her. Yes, Mr. Romantic gave her a weight belt for sailing when he was first showing his love for her and she is still married to him. Let's not forget the many sails he adorned her with.


This looks like a fun boat! Where is the wedge despenser? While the Tiara is nice, Johhny can't get close enough to his fleet of boats for coaching purposes he feels the crews need to win races.The beautiful couple

Julie has been compared to Grace Kelly. They both are beautiful and have style and charm. Grace married into royalty and they called her husband a prince. Julie married a rockhead, they call him Uncle Buck.



Uncle Buck The diver

Don't the Uncle Bucks look alot alike?

i don't think Johny has a hat like this one but if he did it would be hard to tell the real Uncle Buck!

Our Uncle Buck is so vane. Always wants to look his best.

Young Stud


His high school photo shows his studliness. He must have been a chick magnet. Doesn't he look like a party animal? He's been in jug since he graduated. They still display this picture at his high school. What did he do wrong?

Mr. Goody Two Shoes changed his ways once he got out of his nerdy phase. Such a collosal change. What a mid-life crisis will do for a guy. Mr. Party Animal has come a long way!!!
Goofy Bad Golfer
Vodka Wedges can be so powerful. This is the extent to which Johnny dances.

Anger manangement issues? Looks like Julie might have had a better shot.

The ass man


The Uncles
What did Johnny do that Mr. Southpark wants to get so personal with him? So much for theory that he brings out the best in everyone.
We've used this picture so often but its so worth it. Mr Sideburns/Stash is really stylin?No wonder she fell in love with him.
Mr Happy
A man of many expression! He's so sad he lost the race. He can't stop crying. Julie is mortified she has to sit next to this guy!
Rockheads Fishermen
Over the years he's given Julie a lot of rocks but she wanted the rocks that glitter on her finger. These beautiful babies were a gift to his daughter-in-law. What lucky women!!! The great fishermen. So proud of his catch.
The Stud God
Always manages to hang out with the good looking women. Thank god he had sons so they would bring the cute girls around. The women flock to him and his charisma. He's the definition of a chick magnet!
Birthday Boy
Looks like he's getting ready to throw his nephew under the bus as he sits next to Saint Julie. The birthday boy is enjoying his birthday. If those are candles he must be pretty old.
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