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Odenbach Brothers brush with the law
Coast Guard "inspecting" the
Odenbach boat
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Fritz Odenbach, brother of John and Gardner, was out of the country at the time of the investigation. He has been known in the past for his road rage tactics. Many speculate as to the time of his departure and the timing of the “incident”. It is believed that last week Fred Odenbach had large explosives at his compound and he was outfitting young women in dark colored crew militia. Some say he, just like his brother, John, speak in many tongues. Last Saturday night he started the evening speaking English and toward the end of the evening he was Odenspeaking. A language many find hard to interpret.

Other strange activities have surfaced as well. A resident of the gold coast has seen the black Odenbach boat, “Dark and Stormy”, out on the lake traveling at fast speeds towing an inflatable device with people flying off of it in many directions. Many believe this to be a terrorist training exercise. The boat had seemed to elude the Coast Guard up until last night.

Although many questions still remain unanswered, many say the brothers are fun loving people not out to harm anyone but yesterday the State Department released these pictures of John Odenbach and Hazbolla leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah,. Many say the similarities in both appearance and personality cannot be overlooked. Rochester Yacht Club’s Rear Commodore and Odenbach family friend, Charles Abu Ali Ross says the Odenbach brothers and their siblings are the epitome of the American family, much like the Jackson Five or the Osmond Brothers.
Written by: Ima Noname Writer
Photos by: “The Lizzard”

On a beautiful summer evening at the Rochester Yacht Club; members, guests and Flag Officers were enjoying the beauty of the water front when they were blinded by a blue haze of flashing lights. The US Coast Guard pulled over John and Gardner Odenbach along with Gardner Odenbach’s beautiful wife, Julie. The Coast Guard spent a great deal of time on the boat. The Odenbach brothers are saying it was a “courtesy inspection” but many say it is far more than that. Sources close to the investigation say the US Government has been investigating the brothers for some time but would not speculate as to why.

Those close to the Odenbach family speculate that they are involved with some terrorist activities. John Odenbach has been known for his harsh tactics with his crew. It was reported that he and his brothers flunked out of a terrorist training camp because they confused many of the military terms such as suicide bomber with alcoholic beverages. Another question goes unanswered, where was the glamorous Julia B. Odenbach? Has she finally found a bigger boat or bigger caves? Will she soon be Julie B. Bin Laden?